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Stow SC Dog Policy


Dogs are NOT ALLOWED on Stow SC Fields. There is a sign, placed by the city of Stow, at the entrance to Oregon Trail Park. (We are working on a new sign that is more visible.) This is a strict rule by the city and one that Stow Soccer Club happens to agree with. 

Although most of the members of Stow Soccer Club's board are pet owners and enjoy pets, there are a number of reasons we ask you to not bring your dog to soccer: 

1) Not all of our players are accustomed to dogs. Some of your dogs are quite large. Some of our players are quite small. Players may be uncomfortable while trying to enjoy soccer. 

2) Dogs leave doo-doo behind. Imagine you are the one to step in it. Imagine a soccer ball lands in it and then your child picks up the soccer ball!!! (We realize a responsible owner brings a bag. Unfortunately not everyone does)

3) Dogs bark. Nothing we can do about that, but it is a distraction to young soccer players and coaches.

4) Unfortunately nobody knows when a dog will be surprised, feel threatened, or lash out. There is a lot going on and a lot of people milling around the fields. Good dogs sometimes bite humans and it is not the dog's fault. We don't want anyone's dog to get in trouble. 

5) The city says no. This should be enough. 

We LOVE your dogs, but unfortunately you need to leave them at home during soccer. 

Thank you! 

Stow Soccer Club

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