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A Note from Director of Coaching for Stow Soccer Club:
Rob Marinaro

Hello Coaches, I have had the pleasure of working with Stow Soccer Club now for five years. Over my time with the club, we have tried to create the best environment for our young players to develop and continue to learn.

I felt it was time to put something together for our coaches to continue developing. I am very grateful for all our coaches who give so much of their time and effort. I wanted to help and see if we could make this a little easier. Below I have listed some websites that I have found to be extremely useful in creating training sessions that are age appropriate and most importantly FUN.

I ask everyone, if you are not doing so already, to bring a practice plan to your training session with one major theme to train that day.

Things to keep in mind: U5 to U8 – The majority (if not all) of your training should be one player with one ball. If they are not having fun, find a drill where they will. Have FUN!

U9 to U11 –The DOCs will do Footskills Mon through Thursday for your first half hour of training. We have decided, as a club, that we will develop our younger players to be technically sound. The remainder of your training session should be small number games and teachings (1v.1, 2v.2, and 3v.3).

U12 and up - Move from Technical Warm-up, to small numbered games, and then to your tactical session.

Tremendous website - Tom Turner DOC of Ohio North is my mentor in coaching and shows how the game should teach our kids.

Fantastic website- This website is broken down to age appropriate drills from under 6 to 17 year olds.

Wonderful website - Jeff Pill breaks everything down and even gives you characteristics of age group players.

Very nice websites - Great drills, but they don’t break it down to age appropriate.
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